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EMRlogic’s support team is comprised of experienced Application and Technical Specialists. Our team averages over 7 years professional experience. The support team specialist taking your call will own all communications on the issue and will serve as your single point of contact until the issue is completely resolved. Each support team specialist also has access to the development team, as well as authority to access all levels of the organization.
Post Go-Live support services take effect with your approval once the initial learning and implementation phases are complete and your Implementation Manager has helped you transition to your “Go Live” phase. Once live, you may now call into our support team’s help desk, backed by the entire organization. Customers set the priority of each incident and decide if the issue has been successfully resolved. Each incident is documented in our modern incident management system for proper tracking, and customers are notified via e-mail of each status update or when the incident has been fully resolved.

We use state-of-the-art remote access and secure screen-sharing tools to see customer screens, to quickly and effectively address both application functionally questions and technical issues. All system maintenance and application updates are scheduled in advance with customer approval and are managed by our Deployment Manager for a consistent and reliable outcome. Our Technical Specialists work with your IT staff and ensure our secure remote-access system is installed and maintained properly. 

Our support team  works 24/7 to address crisis issues and to carry out all system maintenance and application updates. Our goal is always to eliminate disruption of your business and patient care.
EMRlogic’s support services are available 364 days a year with 24/7 crisis management support.

You may contact our Support Services in three ways:
  1. Directly from your software. See Help/Submit Web Incident.
  2. Email application support requests to Please include doctor's name in subject line.
  3. Help Desk: 1.866.623.5644
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General Inquiries: 1.866.367.2899 x651 | Email
Sales Inquires: 1.866.367.2899 x650 | Email
Technical Support: 1.866.623.5644 | Email
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