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Integrated retail point-of-sale for frames, lenses and contact lenses … optimizing your eyewear business.

The optical module supplies everything needed for your dispensary and lab to keep operating smoothly, nothing falling through the cracks.
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No part of your business is more susceptible to things falling through the cracks than the optical department with its myriad transactions and details. Given the pressures of declining insurance reimbursements and a toughening retail model, you need to optimize your business not spend wasted money just automating paperwork.
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Frames inventory

Whether your inventory is large or small, activEHR can help. Most practices subscribe to a quarterly (Frames Data) or monthly (Spex) CD to help keep inventory up-to-date. In the event that you don’t, that’s OK too. You’ll find the inventory system flexible to meet a variety of needs and our knowledgeable implementers will be glad to walk you through the initial setup.

Bar coding

The use of our barcode printing and scanning capabilities is recommended for practices with over 700 frames in stock.

VSP interface

activEHR offers a direct interface for your VSP claims. Authorizations can be obtained electronically, bringing all the details right into your patient file where they are permanently stored. Spectacle orders may also be placed through the VSP interface.

Electronic lab order submission

activEHR offers an advanced lab interface through VisionWeb connecting electronically to most spectacle labs in the USA. Uniquely, activEHR downloads into your system the electronic catalog from each of your labs. You’ll be able to customize the catalogs so they reflect only what you purchase from each lab.

On the optical floor, your staff won’t need to worry about ordering from the wrong lab, or even about pricing. Your built-in selections will take care of the details. Once the lab order is ready, you’ll be able to send it directly out of activEHR and know it has been successfully received … before your patient leaves the optical area.

Frame trace and transmit

If you use a frame tracer in your practice, you’ll be able to interface it to activEHR, trace and transmit directly to your VisionWeb-approved lab.

We currently support any frame tracer that produces an XML output, e.g. Essilor Phi Tracer, Optronics 4T or 5T Tracer.

Contact Lens database

A significant industry first is our embedded Contact Lens database.

Using the doctor-specified Rx in each patient visit, the software will search for both trial and revenue lenses as required then pass the CL prescription to the optical. You’ll be able to place your order in a variety of ways.
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