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activEHR is smart software for eye care
  • a unique and dynamic content-driven solution that speeds your success in building a better practice
  • re-designed from the ground up for the next generation of connected health care
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"Today's activEHR is, in my opinion, the most elegant and progressive software available in eye care.”
Mary Lou French, O.D.

Better Business Solutions

Scheduling and recalls, insurance and patient billing … your practice-management essentials.

Eye care business experts agree: a software system that merely records the business isn’t enough to move you forward in today’s marketplace.
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Generating top-line growth while meeting the new demands of electronic health records requires a savvy EHR solution, one that easily navigates the seas of change in health care and embraces new business trends in eye care. The savvy system choice today is the business platform for the future – a solution that optimizes the business, delivers better care and drives a better patient experience.

Scheduling and recalls

activEHR exceeds your expectations from the start by surpassing the simple appointment book. Using true workflow management, appointments are scheduled by visit type and, therefore, map the patient’s route through your practice.

Will the visit include pre-test or exam, or perhaps go from the front desk to the contact lens area? At each area of the practice, your user will see a specific color-coded checklist list of best practices to be carried out before moving the patient forward.

Embedded workflow lets you run your business with consistency, the key to optimization. Speed to success starts as soon as you schedule the patient visit.

Insurance claims

activEHR enables you to send insurance claims electronically to many U.S. clearinghouses and several provincial health systems in Canada. Where HIPAA 837 and 835 are available, activEHR uses these standards.

Click here to see our most commonly used EDI partners.

Patient billing

activEHR creates a walk-out statement based on the insurance-pay and patient-pay items of each visit. Insurance items roll over from primary to secondary and so on as payment is received.

activEHR also prints monthly or other periodic statements.
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Better Clinical Solutions

Pre-test and exams, imaging, and integrated e-prescribing … revolutionary EHRs like you’ve never seen before.

The EHR module gives you everything at your fingertips to drive best practices in clinical care, to track and improve patient outcomes.
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More than a mere repository for clinical data, exam findings draw from a growing knowledgebase of eye care's clinical best practices. activEHR offers a true medical record including an industry-first eye care knowledgebase with advanced CDS (Clinical Decision Support), the perfect solution to meet new health care reform standards.
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Exam-type selection

Since your payers are not all the same, activEHR lets you start with the exam type of your choosing. Will it be Medicare or Medicaid, Eyemed or VSP, infant or adult, a follow-up or specialty exam?

History & Pre-Test Exams

Begin your exam with instrument interfaces – no lost time or erroneous data entry. Your patient-specific information will forward automatically to subsequent areas of the exam, eliminating the need for double data entry.

Refractive Exam

Beginning with captured data from Pre-Test instruments, the doctor may simply refine the prescription. Add Doctor’s Recommendations and they will be passed seamlessly to the optical department.

Eye Health Exam

Get Previous Eye Health Exam results, Populate Normal, Transfer OD to OS, complete Visual Acuity using your favorite test, or add new information guided by Action Lists … it’s your choice. activEHR lets you work the way you think.

Contact Lens Exam

See the industry’s first complete CL database integration, right inside your exam. This integration means a giant step forward for your contact lens practice.

Specialty Exams

Low Vision. Glaucoma, Diabetes or Macular Degeneration Consults. Cataract and Refractive Surgery Follow-Ups.
activEHR surpasses basic eye exams and adds up to the industry’s most advanced knowledgebase of eye care best practices.

Plan & Management (Billing & Coding)

Having finished with your favorite part – patient care – you deserve help with the part computers do best. You’ll appreciate comprehensive help as you complete your follow-up and continuity of care requirements.
"My major concern about EHRs has always been the pace at which I could move through an exam. Our system now runs like a Ferrari. Kudos to everyone at EMRlogic. You've taken away the major issue I have with EHR use!”
David Chandler, O.D., Jacksonville, AL
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Better Optical Solutions

Integrated retail point-of-sale for frames, lenses and contact lenses … optimizing your eyewear business.

The optical module supplies everything needed for your dispensary and lab to keep operating smoothly, nothing falling through the cracks.
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No part of your business is more susceptible to things falling through the cracks than the optical department with its myriad transactions and details. Given the pressures of declining insurance reimbursements and a toughening retail model, you need to optimize your business not spend wasted money just automating paperwork.
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Frames inventory

Whether your inventory is large or small, activEHR can help. Most practices subscribe to a quarterly (Frames Data) or monthly (Spex) CD to help keep inventory up-to-date. In the event that you don’t, that’s OK too. You’ll find the inventory system flexible to meet a variety of needs and our knowledgeable implementers will be glad to walk you through the initial setup.

Bar coding

The use of our barcode printing and scanning capabilities is recommended for practices with over 700 frames in stock.

VSP interface

activEHR offers a direct interface for your VSP claims. Authorizations can be obtained electronically, bringing all the details right into your patient file where they are permanently stored. Spectacle orders may also be placed through the VSP interface.

Electronic lab order submission

activEHR offers an advanced lab interface through VisionWeb connecting electronically to most spectacle labs in the USA. Uniquely, activEHR downloads into your system the electronic catalog from each of your labs. You’ll be able to customize the catalogs so they reflect only what you purchase from each lab.

On the optical floor, your staff won’t need to worry about ordering from the wrong lab, or even about pricing. Your built-in selections will take care of the details. Once the lab order is ready, you’ll be able to send it directly out of activEHR and know it has been successfully received … before your patient leaves the optical area.

Frame trace and transmit

If you use a frame tracer in your practice, you’ll be able to interface it to activEHR, trace and transmit directly to your VisionWeb-approved lab.

We currently support any frame tracer that produces an XML output, e.g. Essilor Phi Tracer, Optronics 4T or 5T Tracer.

Contact Lens database

A significant industry first is our embedded Contact Lens database.

Using the doctor-specified Rx in each patient visit, the software will search for both trial and revenue lenses as required then pass the CL prescription to the optical. You’ll be able to place your order in a variety of ways.
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“It was 2003 and my DOS software was no longer doing the job. I did an online demo of OD Professional and immediately saw the future of electronic medical records. The transition from DOS to Windows was difficult but we got through that. During the change period, I needed to be a leader for my staff not just an adopter of the software. EMRlogic has grown tremendously and OD Professional has morphed into activEHR. I’m very proud to have been part of a team of optometrists, led by an EMRlogic staff doctor, that has put its mark on these new medical records. activEHR is unique. That future I saw in 2003 is now.

I especially love the integrations. E-prescribe integrates seamlessly with each patient chart. I prescribe and document all medications from within the patient chart. My refractive data integrates from my EPIC system into the software, then to the optical without any errors, and only one keystroke. Meaningful Use is all there too with minimal keystrokes. It boils down to having more time to spend with my patients.”
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Mary Lou French, O.D.
— Children’s Eyecare, Orland Park, IL
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