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Scheduling and recalls, insurance and patient billing … your practice-management essentials.

Eye care business experts agree: a software system that merely records the business isn’t enough to move you forward in today’s marketplace.
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Generating top-line growth while meeting the new demands of electronic health records requires a savvy EHR solution, one that easily navigates the seas of change in health care and embraces new business trends in eye care. The savvy system choice today is the business platform for the future – a solution that optimizes the business, delivers better care and drives a better patient experience.

Scheduling and recalls

activEHR exceeds your expectations from the start by surpassing the simple appointment book. Using true workflow management, appointments are scheduled by visit type and, therefore, map the patient’s route through your practice.

Will the visit include pre-test or exam, or perhaps go from the front desk to the contact lens area? At each area of the practice, your user will see a specific color-coded checklist list of best practices to be carried out before moving the patient forward.

Embedded workflow lets you run your business with consistency, the key to optimization. Speed to success starts as soon as you schedule the patient visit.

Insurance claims

activEHR enables you to send insurance claims electronically to many U.S. clearinghouses and several provincial health systems in Canada. Where HIPAA 837 and 835 are available, activEHR uses these standards.

Click here to see our most commonly used EDI partners.

Patient billing

activEHR creates a walk-out statement based on the insurance-pay and patient-pay items of each visit. Insurance items roll over from primary to secondary and so on as payment is received.

activEHR also prints monthly or other periodic statements.
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