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“Implementing software for the complex business of eye care is a big deal, no trivial plug ‘n play project. And the larger the organization the bigger the challenge. Over the past five years in our 20-office business, we’ve faced some challenges that would test the mettle of any partnership.

I can say that EMRlogic, in conjunction with our IT department and our corporate staff, has risen to the challenge every time. Not only that, they have pressed forward with product maturity, including significant innovations in activEHR.

We took a slow careful approach to our first two offices on EHRs. Once that groundwork had been laid, we put 30 doctors online within two months, everyone on a full patient load, instruments linked, using e-prescribing and demonstrating Meaningful Use. That’s a remarkable accomplishment – a good partnership paying dividends.”
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C. Thomas Crooks III, O.D.
— EyeCare Associates, Birmingham, AL

“activEHR from EMRlogic is an impressive eye care software solution for several reasons.

First, the software integrates seamlessly with the office workflow from check-in to the dispensary. Even the busiest practices will experience increased efficiency in patient flow and management.

Second, as a business solution, the software offers robust financial accounting and patient-demographics metrics.

Third, the electronic health record allows enough individual practitioner customization that it becomes a natural fit to enhance patient evaluation and management.

Fourth, activEHR is backed by a very responsive customer service team that quickly responds to software issues when they arise.”
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David Mills, O.D., M.B.A.
— Ocean State Eye Care, Warwick, RI

“activEHR is a must-see solution! You owe it to yourself to see this compellingly different alternative. Lots of systems automate the clerical and rote tasks of running an office, but activEHR is the one solution that can drive your business to a new dimension.”
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Richard Schamerloh, O.D.
— Eyecare Associates of Bluffton, IN

"At Nittany Eye, we have been a customer of EMRlogic since January 2007. Now that we have activEHR, it feels like this is the software we’ve been waiting for these past five years. The certified product is exactly what our profession needs – unique and robust EHRs that can raise the bar for medical optometry and play ball in the big arena of health care and health information exchanges.

As doctors who are committed to medical eye and vision care, and to co-management of surgical interventions, we have appreciated EMRlogic’s thought leadership pertaining to health care transformation and the place of eye care within the reform model. activEHR is a great product from a great company, one we believe is destined for top spot as an eye care solutions provider.”
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Peter Theodorous, O.D.
— Nittany Eye Associates, State College, PA

“activEHR’s ease-of-use has my partners commenting that going live on the exams was better than they thought. We’re finding that equipment linking translates into easy acquisition of the data, and the ability to transfer nicely through the exam where needed.

E-prescribing is a joy to work with and a real time-saver for staff, with added big potential safety benefits for patients. As doctors, we’re also benefitting from the behind-the-scenes tracking of Meaningful Use criteria and PQRS.”
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Mark E. Leary, O.D.
— New Bern & Pamlico Family Eye Care, NC

"The Attestation process was relatively smooth. I had registered all the initial information, including the EHR certification number, ahead of time, so I was ready to go. Using the activEHR Meaningful Use Report as a guide, I was able to enter the appropriate numerator, denominator, exclusions, etc. without issue. After entering these items, I was directed to another area to certify that the information being submitted was true and accurate, etc. 

Upon completion, the website indicated the attestation was successful and 'locked for payment'. Considering all that's actually going on behind the scenes - the 'transformation of healthcare', as EMRlogic calls it - the process has been greatly facilitated, both by CMS and EMRlogic. I think it'll only get easier with the improved MU report, especially for users in the second wave of attestations.”
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Jeffrey Rahn, O.D.
— Rahn EyeCare Center, Milford, OH

“My major concern about EHRs has always been the pace at which I could move through an exam. Our system now runs like a Ferrari. Kudos to everyone at EMRlogic. You've taken away the major issue I have with EHR use!”

David Chandler, O.D.
— Jacksonville, AL

"Vincett Eye Care Associates began utilizing activEHR in September 2011. EMRlogic's webinar sessions were an integral part of our success with the electronic medical records and attestation. The learning curve to become proficient with the software was drastically shortened by attending webinars.

We learned what exam elements were required for meaningful use, and how to fulfill them using activEHR. During the webinars we had one-to-one interaction with Drs. Grue and Haine, and received immediate personalized responses. By sharing the information at office meetings, all four Vincett Eye Care optometrists were able to attest successfully.”
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Robert E. Kaminski, O.D., F.A.A.O.
— Vincett Eye Care Associates, Pittsburgh, PA

“I currently provide IT support and services for more than a dozen EMRlogic clients, representing more than 30 offices. The turnaround on service and fixes at EMRlogic is incredible, and every single one of my clients is talking about it.

From an IT perspective, this company is running a vastly superior platform. The InterSystems platform is truly a differentiator for EMRlogic. I work with a number of vendor systems; none of them comes close to what's under the hood in activEHR.”
Chris Scott, Harrisburg, PA

"The switch from ODPro to the certified activEHR is amazing. While I have always found the software to be intuitive, it’s remarkable how customizable it has become! Now I can fine-tune each exam element into its proper place. We can change the software to match our workflow, and not the other way around.

I also like how the software can be changed on the fly by the technical support team. Earlier this week, we received notice of a series of changes to the glaucoma ICD-9 codes. A simple call to technical support and it’s being added to our codes database right away. That’s so important with the constant changes in health care reform.

The technical support team deserves great praise for their dedication and prompt service. A while back, I was seeing patients on a Saturday morning, ran into a small glitch, and was able to immediately get help from the support team. They truly are amazing and help make the EHR transition much less painful. EMRlogic is a business partner with whom I can share my successes and concerns and who will be with me for the long haul."
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Brian Starr, O.D.
— Hometown Eye Care, Mt. Gilead, OH

“As eye care providers there are many reasons why our patients return to our practices each year and we spend countless hours and resources to earn and maintain their trust.

EMRlogic’s business model and patient-first mentality mirrors our profession’s longstanding commitment to doing what is right for our patients. From their unparalleled customer support to their forward-thinking design team, EMRlogic’s new activEHR software is loaded with potential. Their partnership with InterSystems and Kowa Optimed establishes a firm foundation for continued growth and development.

As the federal guidelines for EHRs evolve over the next few years, it is critical to understand the implications of partnering with a company that is prepared to meet or exceed these standards. There is no doubt in my mind that EMRlogic will earn your trust and business year after year.”
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John E. Beigel, O.D.
— Primary Eyecare Associates, Sidney, OH

"I have been talking to colleagues recently who are just starting EHR this year with other software companies. Having been with EMRlogic for so many years, I guess I sometimes forget how ahead of the curve we are. Can't see the forest for the trees, you know?

I am fortunate to have a great group of colleagues also using activEHR, a great EMRlogic support team available to assist, including Tariq who makes sure any crisis is solved quickly, Drs Jim and Chuck who "listen and fix" to make the software more user friendly. And, of course, your team is also keeping us on the cutting edge with the HIE project so that EMRlogic clients are out in front of the pack.”
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Joann Strain, O.D.
— Pittsburgh Eye Care Associates, Bridgeville, PA

“EMRlogic is not only a leader in eye care software solutions but, having been a client of theirs since February 2005, I can say without a doubt that EMRlogic is one of the best companies to work with. We look forward to their continuous innovations and cherish the support and customer care they provide us.”

Ann Marie Roy,
— Oakland Optometry, Rochester Hills, MI
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