EMRlogic Systems, Inc. Privacy Policy

Both in person and through the Internet we occasionally receive information that could identify individuals, so we have created this Privacy Policy to explain how that information is used. If you have questions after reading this policy, please contact us at privacy@EMRlogic.com.

Privacy and Your Information
EMRlogic respects and values both the information you share with us and your privacy. We will not sell your personal information.

Scope of the Policy
The Privacy Policy covers all information received by EMRlogic through online forms and email addresses published on our website at EMRlogic.com, or provided in marketing materials such as brochures, direct mail, advertisements, etc. This policy does not cover any other information received by EMRlogic.

How Information is Collected
EMRlogic collects and maintains information sent via online forms and email addresses published on our website. The EMRlogic website logs information such as which pages are visited on the website and which links lead to the website. Information may also be gathered from data stored locally on a browser (commonly known as "cookies"). EMRlogic may use third parties to collect and analyze logged data. Information submitted by other methods such as postal mail or telephone is outside the scope of this policy. EMRlogic also collects data from posts and submissions made by the users of its communities and forums.

How Information is Used
Information received by EMRlogic may be used and shared among internal departments, offices, and affiliates. In addition, information may be stored in "cookies" on a browser to enable efficient recognition of registered users. Contact information submitted through the website may also be used to reach an individual to provide news and/or announcements such as new product information, maintenance releases, services, and upcoming corporate events. Third-party agents may be employed to help manage the distribution of announcements and analyze information.

Transmitting Information to EMRlogic
All information received through our website, communities websites, or other forums owned or operated by EMRlogic, will be treated as non-confidential, which includes, but is not limited to, business plans, inventions, and commercial information. Submitting such information shall not create an obligation of any kind by EMRlogic, and EMRlogic shall be free to reproduce, use, disclose, and distribute information to others. This policy does not define or modify EMRlogic's responsibilities and obligations with respect to protected health information, any information transmitted in the furtherance of an existing contractual relationship between EMRlogic and you or another party, or any statutory obligation.

Terms of Use
Sending information via EMRlogic.com will act as the sender's consent to the following: (i) the use of such information as described by the EMRlogic Privacy Policy, (ii) agreement to resolve any dispute according to the laws of the British Columbia, Canada (iii) and exclusively limiting dispute resolution to arbitration in the Province of British Columbia.

Controlling Your Information
If you would like your information to be suppressed from future communications or would like to provide/update your contact information, please contact our marketing privacy coordinator at privacy@EMRlogic.com or call (604) 435-2021 x651.

This policy is subject to change without notice.
October 1, 2011

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