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There comes a time in the life of every business where significant investment is required. Health Care Reform is one of those times. Meaningful Use is not ‘business as usual’. At EMRlogic, we offer a clear step-by-step roadmap to qualify for the stimulus incentives, adopt new ways of practicing medicine, and do no harm to the financial performance of your business. Our goal is to help you move forward and not only survive under Health Care Reform but gain a competitive advantage.

You may register right now for stimulus payments of $18,000 this year, which you will receive if you have sufficient Medicare or Medicaid volume, take the steps and make the changes described below. We are here to help you qualify with certainty and at the lowest possible cost to your practice. Health Care Reform is real and, with or without stimulus money, you will need to transform your practice.

Like you, we at EMRlogic have been thinking and planning extensively how to help you adapt to Health Care Reform. Many believe it is only a matter of implementing new software; unfortunately, it is not that simple. Eye care, under Health Care Reform, is now a full-fledged participant in the world of health care delivery, no longer a disconnected player on the periphery. You now need many of the technologies and connectivity formerly associated with the largest health care delivery networks. This raises the bar for the systems required to support your practice from the departmental level to enterprise.

Drummond Certified


This Complete EHR certification is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC‐ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

EMRlogic Systems, Inc.
Certified September 4, 2014
activEHR 2014.1
Certificate No. 09042014‐2668‐5
Modules Tested: 170.314 (a)(1‐15); (b)(1‐5, 7); (c)(1‐3); (d)(1‐9); (e)(1‐3); (f)(1‐3); (g)(2‐4)
Clinical Quality Measures tested: 22v2; 50v2; 69v2; 131v2; 132v2; 133v2; 138v2; 139v2; 142v2;
143v2; 155v2; 156v2; 165v2; 167v2
Additional software used: DrFirst Rcopia, Secure Exchange Solutions

activEHR 2014.1 Certified Complete Costs and Limitations

The following costs and limitations for 3rd party vendor services, interfaces for which are either embedded within or linked to activEHR 2014.1, are:

Drfirst/Rcopia. This vendor provides e-Prescribing services to mutual customers. activEHR 2014.1 provides a link via API to DrFirst from within the exam module, where active patient details are fed through a secure web service to display medication/allergy/active prescription details for that patient. Flat rate fees for this capability are by provider and collected by EMRlogic Systems on an annual ongoing basis and passed on to the vendor. There are no known technical or practical limitations.

Secure Exchange Solutions (SES). This vendor provides secure email addresses that allow for secure encrypted exchange of Patient Health Information (PHI) between healthcare providers (including transitions of care, discharge summaries and clinical messaging functionality [Relevant certification criteria: §§ 170.314(b)(1) and (2), h(1)-(3).]). activEHR 2014.1 has embedded an interface within the application that consumes a client-specific security certificate to facilitate in-app access to the client’s SES mailbox. This functionality allows users to send and receive Direct-based messages to/from other users of certified health IT systems. Direct messages may include clinical data, notes, and other information, subject to the limitations noted. Fees for this capability are remitted by the EP directly to the vendor, and are due on an annual ongoing basis for each direct email address. Further ongoing costs may be incurred if additional secure email addresses are required for additional EP’s. Pursuant to Secure Exchange Solutions’ security policy, the Direct messaging capability is restricted and users are only able to exchange messages with others or Health IT systems that also have the Direct messaging capabilities. Secure Exchange Solutions is a HISP that is part of the DirectTrust network. There are no known technical or practical limitations.

Ocuco Limited Patient Portal. EMRlogic Systems will be providing its own Patient Portal mechanism to allow EP’s to comply with related Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements related to support of online patient service (Reference: ONC Criteria Reference 170.314.e.1). Fees levied for access to patient information via the portal mechanism will be collected on a monthly ongoing basis as a flat rate per provider. Patients must be capable of receiving a security token via cell phone, email or authentication application to be able to log in as the portal enforces 2-factor authentication.

Fully-integrated software solutions are the new norm versus disparate systems for each area of the business. Dashboard analytics are replacing standard reporting. Document scanning, search and retrieval is a new must-have for the transition phase, likely to be a 10-year period. Image databases must now also be integrated into the patient exam record, which in turn drives new complexities in multi-site environments. The same applies for all instruments used across multiple locations. And, as we know, e-prescribing is now mandated and must also be incorporated into the exam record. The list goes on as we consider patient kiosks and portals, mobile input devices, and more. We believe reform and change is inevitable and our goal is to help you be a beneficiary of Health Care Reform, not its victim.

For much more insight into Meaningful Use, be sure to read:
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"Considering all that's actually going on behind the scenes - the 'transformation of healthcare', as EMRlogic calls it - the process has been greatly facilitated, both by CMS and EMRlogic.”
Jeffrey Rahn, O.D.
Meaningful Use Webinars
The following videos are full-length recorded webinars destined to increase your knowledge of EHRs certification, Meaningful Use (MU) attestation and Health Care Reform. Watch these webinars not only to see how activEHR meets the MU criteria but also to understand the transformation of health care currently under way in the USA, and the why of your participation.
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"The Attestation process was relatively smooth. I had registered all the initial information, including the EHR certification number, ahead of time, so I was ready to go. Using the activEHR Meaningful Use Report as a guide, I was able to enter the appropriate numerator, denominator, exclusions, etc. without issue. After entering these items, I was directed to another area to certify that the information being submitted was true and accurate, etc. 

Upon completion, the website indicated the attestation was successful and 'locked for payment'. Considering all that's actually going on behind the scenes - the 'transformation of healthcare', as EMRlogic calls it - the process has been greatly facilitated, both by CMS and EMRlogic. I think it'll only get easier with the improved MU report, especially for users in the second wave of attestations.”
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Jeffrey Rahn, O.D.
— Rahn EyeCare Center, Milford, OH
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